The majority of the course is on the Trans Canada Trail Beaches to Border segment. See the map below for the course design. There are a few short segments of trail that where still under construction when the gps file was generated in late 2015.

As for elevation, this is not a mountain race, but the undulating terrain of the shield will keep you from getting bored. As you see in the elevation profile, it is an overall uphill course, but there is less than 400′ of difference from the lowest point (at the start) to the high ridges near Caddy Lake.

The surface will vary from a few short segments of gravel road, squishy moss single track, groomed gravel trail and big rock faces of pre-Cambrian granite carved up by the retreating glaciers.

Eight fully stocked aid stations will be on the course where you will find water, sports drink, all sorts of food from ultra staples such as candy, gels, chips, cookies, grilled cheese sandwiches, pb and jam wraps, soup and some local delicacies you won’t find at other ultras. If conditions are right, you could also grab wild blueberries, raspberries and strawberries along the way too.

Drop bags will be available at all of these eight checkpoints. Final details of drop bag collection will be made when the final location of the pre-race meeting is established.

There will also be numerous water drops, the exact locations are still being established, but the goal is that the longest segment without water will be about 10 miles. As we finalize the course, these locations will be updated on the map.


Below are the course cut off times. All runners must leave the checkpoints by the time indicated on the chart.

Cumulative Adjusted Cut Off
Start 0
1 17.6 Saturday 16:45
2 33.3 Saturday 21:45
3 (R) 49.3 Sunday 03:00
4 64.6 Sunday 09:00
Turn Around 75 Sunday 13:00
4 85.4 Sunday 17:00
3 (R) 100.6 Monday 00:00
2 116.7 Monday 07:00
1 132.4 Monday 14:00
Finish 150 Monday 23:59

(R) – Relay Exchange Checkpoint

Course Map:

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