Find Relay Team-mates

We have had numerous requests over the last few weeks for help in finding team-mates to create a relay team, so please, use the comments below to say you’re looking for or available to join a team.

9 thoughts on “Find Relay Team-mates

  1. Hello… I’ve signed up as an individual for the 3×50 relay. If anyone is looking for another person to join there team or want to create one just let me know. First 50 miler for me. I’ve done 50 k and took about 5 hours. Thanks!!

    1. Hi. I signed up to do the solo however have decided that the relay is a better option. Willing to join a team.

        1. Wonder if we’ll get another person, coming from Calgary so would like to know sooner than later, if not I’ll find another race:(

          1. Hi Phil. I’m doing the 150. If you’re still looking for a third I’d be able to do the first leg. I won’t be the fastest 50 mile but I’ll get it done

          2. Looking to register if its not closed needing 2 more runners for the rely would you like to join and try to find a third?

    2. Dammit!!! I just saw this today and now its too late – I’m visiting from Australia and ran the marathon on the weekend – have been looking for some trail runs and this would be too perfect!!

  2. Ok so looks like registration is closed therefore do we have a team with me, dale and Eric? Please confirm back by texting me at 403-835-0290. Definitely not looking for fast just looking to get er done:)

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